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Telecon Goes from Strength to Strength

Montreal, November 19, 2018 – Telecon, the national leader in telecommunications network infrastructure (designing, building and connecting networks), today announced the acquisition of Cam-Tel Line Locating, a reputable and well-established locating company from Alberta.

With up to 150 employees, Cam-Tel Line Locating has provided Western Canada’s infrastructure owners with safe, efficient and cost-effective locating services since 1995. The company is an active member of the Alberta Common Ground Alliance and is actively involved in the development and improvement of the Damage Prevention industry. It completes over 100,000 Alberta One Call locate requests annually.

Telecon’s subsidiary Promark-Telecon is a leader in the locating industry in Ontario and in Quebec. It successfully locates for infrastructure owners in the East of Canada and, although Telecon is a builder itself, Promark-Telecon has proven its expertise in ensuring large scale locates for a variety of clients, including large scale gas, electric, telecommunications deployment programs and infrastructure.

“This acquisition allows Telecon to strengthen its presence in the Western region and become a recognized locating market leader nation-wide. It also reaffirms our determination to distinguish ourselves from the competition by offering fully integrated services across the country,” said André Héroux, President and CEO of Telecon.

“Our team is excited to join the Telecon Group. This transaction will enable our company to leverage Telecon’s national resources to better serve our existing clients, develop new ones and pursue our growth as a leader in the Western region”, added Mike Leonhardt from Cam-Tel Line Locating.

Alexander Capital Group acted as financial advisor to Telecon on the acquisition of Cam-Tel Line Locating.

About Telecon Inc.
Founded in 1967, Telecon is Canada’s leading telecommunication network services provider. The company leverages its national presence, 3,250 employees, client relationships and 50-year history to offer industry-leading design, locate, infrastructure and connectivity solutions to telecommunication companies and corporate clients nationwide. For more information, visit

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