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Experience - Suncor Energy Inc.

Suncor Energy Inc.

Suncor, responding to growing demand for ethanol-blended fuels arising from government-mandated content requirements, wanted to double the size of its existing ethanol plant in Sarnia Ontario. The Canadian government under its ecoABC program was encouraging investment in new ethanol production by offering low-cost funding to qualifying builders of ethanol plants, conditional upon Canadian farmers investing in the project.

Suncor retained Alexander Capital to seek investment from the farm community in order to qualify for this advantageous funding. Using town hall meetings and working with local focus groups of farmers, Alexander Capital structured an investment addressing the specific requirements of the farm community. Capital raised from these agricultural producers combined with qualified funding under ecoABC contributed $37.5 million toward the $110 million capital cost of the expansion on very favourable terms to Suncor.

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