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Experience - Brown and Company Engineering

Brown and Company Engineering

The owners of Brown and Company Engineering (“Brown & Co”), a privately-held structural engineering services company based in Toronto, retained Alexander Capital to solicit interest in acquiring the business in the spring of 2018. After a broad canvass of the industry involving strategic buyers in an auction-style process, Brown & Co shareholders selected Entuitive, a Canadian engineering consulting services company, as the finalist.

The sale of Brown & Co in February 2019 allowed Brown & Co to join forces with a well-established engineering services company, pursue larger scale projects and diversify its offerings, while ensuring continuity for the employees at Entuitive. Alexander Capital negotiated detailed terms of the sale on a timely basis, permitting a smooth transition of ownership on attractive terms.

Founded in 2002, Brown & Co specializes in building design, construction engineering, bridge engineering, bridge ancillary structures, exhibit and art projects, and investigations/ alternative design.

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